About Us
Date :2020-05-15          By:Isabella Games

Founded in 2017, Isabella Games is is an overseas mobile game distribution corporation. We have adhered to the product concept of "games are games", and strive to launch high quality games that users love and have fun.

The company's distribution area covers Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, South Korea, Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other places. It has successfully issued a variety of mobile game products, such as "The Wrath of the Lord(主公之怒)", "XianHuQingYuan(仙狐情缘)", "QingShiLuoShen(倾世洛神)" and "Land of Doran".

We have a mature experience release team, the core members of the team have more than years of experience in game operation and marketing.

If you are also tired of the office and want to escape the boring life day after day ... Welcome to join the game company.

Do you want to try a challenge? Isabella Games welcomes you to join.